Think About Your Special Song

Do you and your partner have a special song? This was a question I placed for one of my clients today and it made me start thinking of a song for Yaicha and I. At the same time, I stumbled upon a greatest hits album called “Eggs Are Funny” on Spotify for a prog-rock band called Mew.

Mew was one of the first ways that we met, when she came in to my work at the CD/Game Exchange to special order a couple Mew CDs. Years later, I’d take her to see Mew for the second time at the Hawthorne Theater and I’d be blown away with their live performance.

So, while I don’t believe we have a song, I think this is probably our band. I leave you with “The Zookeeper’s Boy” off their 2006 album “And The Glass Handed Kites.” Give it a listen and I’d love to hear what your song or band is.