Staind Said It Best…

...And It's Been A While, Since I've Wrote a Blog!

...And It's Been A While, Since I've Wrote a Blog!

Oh my goodness!  It feels like it has been forever since I’ve gotten to blog about anything at all!  I’ve had many ideas I’ve wanted to write down but I’ve been so bogged down with a Spanish 103 class during the last eight weeks that I’ve had no time to write anything but Spanish homework.  After earning my well-deserved “B” in that class, I finally have time to relax with an ice-cold Long Hammer IPA in hand and write about what’s been going on.

I’ve had a few experiences that have occurred within the past month that I’m going to reiterate in some other blogs but I feel that I must share why I haven’t gotten on here sooner to write.  I understand that in keeping a blog, one is supposed to update it often with content that is actually useful to the person reading it.  Keeping that in mind, although I may write about experiences in my life, I will try to share something that I learned in hope that you can take that for yourself.

First thing’s first: Spanish 103 at Lane Community College can consume your life.  I realize that learning a new language is a bit daunting.  It’s like a puzzle; you start basic and build from there into something that becomes complex with its own set of rules and rule-breakers.  The homework was broken up into many different tasks that all seem to work upon each other, although it’s not strictly that way.  Your main grade was built upon homework called “Tareas” where you have to write in Spanish, draw pictures and then color them based on what you write.  This is typically done in a two-way conversation format and it takes a lot of time to do.  (It usually took around two hours for me to write, draw, and color six pages.)  You also have to listen to a poorly recorded CD that was a major struggle and required alot of patience.  These were called “Charlas” and they were the tasks I most loathed.  We also read a book in Spanish called “Encuentros Culturales” and had to answer true or false questions from our homework about each chapter.  The last task we had was to write six journal entries answering questions about the class format or about how our learning the Spanish language is going.  Overall, so much homework consumed my life that I had absolutely no motivation nor the time to write on the blog.  If there’s one life-lesson I’ve learned from this class it’s this: If you ever take a language, be prepared for a struggle and definitely use as many outside resources as you can. I made good use of a translator and a conjugator.  Just remember to use the tools wisely and don’t depend on them.  The tools must help you learn but not be an answer sheet.

On another note, I’ve been living without my television for about two weeks.  I own a 40″ Samsung television that I bought from Best Buy about a year-and-a-half ago with some inheritance money.  It was the biggest investment I’ve ever made to date.  Two months after the one-year warranty expired, the picture disappeared while the audio remained on.  The next day, the picture came back on and stayed that way until two weeks ago.  Long story short, I went through about seven phone calls and one fax of my original bill-of-sale to Samsung.  I micro-blogged about it on Twitter and coincidentally got a reply from a nice gentleman working for Samsung who tried to help me with my problem.  After being told from one of the many different Executive Customer Service people that there was nothing they could do for me, I decided to utilize some websites I found that had detailed accounts of others who’ve had the same problems with their Samsung televisions.  I put my P.R. skills to work and let everyone I knew on my social media platforms what happened to me and other owners of Samsung televisions.  I posted links to these websites, stating exactly what happened on Twitter, Facebook, and I was in the process of writing my review of the television I own on Amazon when the nice gentleman from Samsung’s Twitter called me on my cell stating that he resubmitted my claim and it was approved.  A huge burst of relief came gushing out of me and I thanked him on the phone and again on Twitter before letting everyone know on those same social media formats that Samsung is now helping me.  This has taught me one thing:

Be polite and be patient but if you know you’re in the right and someone tries to screw you, be ready to fire back.  Don’t go down without a fight!

I have to call Jim’s Electronics tomorrow to see about getting my television repaired.  I just hope after it’s repaired, it stays that way.