Karaoke Fun in Northwest Portland

When you rent out a room to do karaoke, group singing is inevitable.

From left to right: Ian and Bri singing, Jesse on tambourine and a beardless Grady hamming it up.

Sometimes you just have to sing some Coolio, Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel back-to-back in order to have a good time. Add some friends, good beers and Jell-O shots to the mix, well, that’s when you have a really good time.

A few weeks before that picture was taken above, Ryan O’Leary invited me to a mixer at Voicebox karaoke where three different organizations battled it out for supremacy in karaoke skills. The American Marketing Association, Public Relations Society of America and the Portland Advertising Federation all had members in attendance who sung well (and poorly) to a mystery song drawn out of a hat or bowl or… something. However, it wasn’t until the event was over that the real fun began.

We still had another couple hours on the clock and made the most of it playing songs we wanted to sing and it hit an epic moment of the night when at least nine people were all singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the top of their lungs. That’s when I knew that we had to go back with some close friends and experience this again.

Fast forward back to the Gangstas Paradise and Jell-O shots. Ryan and I were the first to arrive and we got a couple Cyclops IPAs before entering the room and warming up with some Deftones. As Ian and Brianna arrived, we could tell they were unsure of what was going down. I’m pretty sure beer was invented before karaoke, but you could make a chicken or the egg argument for it. By the time Grady showed up, we were deep into singing everything from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Zero” to Eve 6’s “Inside Out.” Yes, we have no shame and we didn’t care because we all sang the songs. (It might also have something to do with a second round of Jell-O shots Ian bought us, but I’m not totally sure.)

I highly recommend finding a place like Voicebox that lets you rent out rooms to do karaoke, especially for the shy person who doesn’t want to sing in front of strangers. Even if only two people have microphones, it’s a blast when you all can sing or let friends without microphones be back-up singers. I can easily say that I had more fun spending a little over $20 for the two hours I was there than in a crowded club trying to dance to bad music. If you live in Portland, you need to do this.