Is Social Still Cool? Webinar Highlights

Today I attended a webinar ran by Social Media Today called “Is Social Still Cool?” Three panelists who work with social media in their businesses offered their perspective on the state of social media right now, defined the word “cool” as it applies to social media, and spoke about the “do’s and don’ts” in social media marketing. Gabby Nelson, community manager for Sleep Number; Erika Napoletano, writer and author; and Paul Berry, CEO of Rebelmouse were the panelists and these were some of the highlights from the hour-long conversation.

Defining “cool” in social media

Brands that are cool on social media definitely understand their target audiences and know how to communicate with them through a variety of channels.


Brand interaction on social media

Some of my favorite brands on social media have both an inanimate presence and human presence. People like Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson, Activision’s Dan Amrich and Marvel Entertainment’s Ryan Penagos are great examples of a human presence of a large brand.


If your brand screwed up, would you apologize?

The power of an apology is greater than ever in the age of the Internet. I’m not sure if it’s because people feel like others are desensitized to hurtful actions, but a heartfelt apology can make the difference between a friend and an enemy.


Who works well in public-facing roles for your company?

Not everyone needs to be in a public-facing role of a company, but most people in media roles should have a presence on social media. Those who use their accounts successfully will only benefit their employers by doing their job well and attracting future talent to their place of business.


What brands are doing cool things in social right now?

The Oatmeal is awesome. If you love sriracha, you must read The Oatmeal.

Overall, I’d say that being “cool” on social media involves listening and interacting with your customers. For companies both large and small, every employee that is active on social media is a potential asset for the company. Hiring an employee that fits well with the company culture could ensure fantastic exposure of the company for future business opportunities. Employees that fit their company culture and understand how to communicate with their brand’s audience are what make social media “cool.”


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    • Thank you! I really like the embedding function from Twitter. It’s a great way to promote other users who chime in on Twitter and to tell a story through tweets.

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