3 Places to Learn About Rad Things to do in Portland

Downtown Portland

Portland is beautiful on a summer evening

I’ve been in Portland for a year now and have seen many new things in the course of a year: fancy restaurants, dive bars, soccer pubs, and delicious delis. I’ve become accustomed to a happy hour that almost runs 24 hours a day, whether it’s at a bar or a food cart. I’ve gone to networking events and concert venues, both of which were more entertaining that I can sum up in words. Some of these places were introduced to me from friends, while others were found online. I’m sure that after you read about these three resources, even you won’t find Portland boring.

PDX Pipeline

PDX Pipeline’s email newsletters are full of news about Portland, events about Portland, and tons of free tickets to events every week. I recently won a ticket to the SEMpdx rooftop networking event, so it must be fairly easy to win tickets to certain events. This is a great resource if you’re looking for a variety of things to do, whether it’s attending concert, a beer festival, or a burlesque show.

Portland Barfly

Portland is known for its happy hour as much as it’s known for its food carts. Portland Barfly has an extremely convenient tool to find a happy hour near whatever neighborhood you happen to be in. Choose from a time, the type of booze you want, if you want to deal with kids or not (Please don’t take your kids to a place that sells booze), and watch as your choices guide you to a new awesome place for happy hour. It’s a great website for the next time someone asks, “Where do you want to go for happy hour?”

Broke-ass Stuart

Broke-ass Stuart is a website that I found through a Twitter friend, Chloe Newsom. She lives on the Eastside of Portland and has good taste in rad places to go. I definitely recommend reading her articles and then going to at least one place she recommends in each article. I still have to hit up a “Metal Monday” at Star Bar and I plan on doing that soon.

There are plenty of other resources I could’ve picked like the Portland Mercury and Pollstar.com, but I decided to go with slightly lesser known resources. Do you know of any other awesome resources that I didn’t include? Leave it below, sucka!


2 responses to “3 Places to Learn About Rad Things to do in Portland

  1. Thanks for the Pipeline love! We also have an iPhone/Android app with all our events, movie times, live happy hours, ticket giveaways, and more.

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