8 Must-See Places To See Fantastic E3 Coverage

Electronic Entertainment Expo Logo

E3 2012 | June 4 – 7

The one small benefit of being newly unemployed is that I have almost all the time in the world for one thing during the next few days – E3! Every year around this time, I can barely contain my inner video game fanboy at the thought of all the new games and hardware that’s announced at E3. I’ve got my RSS queued up and YouTube channels subscribed, so if you need some recommendations of where to go find out all the E3 news, keep on reading.

First and foremost, you must keep an eye on the schedule of all the live feeds over at Gametrailers.com.

I’ll break the other content into easily digestible chunks.

Destructoid – Their channel is going to be full of E3 goodness that you shouldn’t miss. Big shout out to Max Scoville and Tara Long for the rad DTOID show.
Rev3Games – This is Destructoid’s sister channel with more E3 goodness here.
IGNentertainment – IGN also has some great content that should suit your fancy as well as some cool journalists.
START – A sister channel to IGNentertainment that shouldn’t disappoint.

Bombcast – The Giantbomb podcast is always fun to listen to during E3 because they get some of the greatest people in the video game industry back to their headquarters and grill them on their insight and opinions about the industry and more. This is a must-listen podcast during E3.

Polygon – Technically it’s still at theverge.com but it’s Polygon. This website has some great writers on staff and the layout of the site is fantastic.
Joystiq – While Polygon is more in-depth with their features, Joystiq will have a TON of coverage on E3, so if you’re looking for quantity over quality, I’d look here.

I have many more websites I could’ve named, but between all of the livestreams and pre-recorded audio & video, I think I’m good here. Did I leave out a place with exclusive coverage? Leave it in the comments!

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