Why I Truly Use Pinterest

Pinterest page for Jesse Radonski

Pinterest has a simple and sleek board layout for your images


A fair amount of people are surprised when I tell them I use Pinterest. The social media platform that is primarily used by women has a niche that I find pleasing. But there’s more to it for me than just posting pictures that I find visually stimulating. Although I find it fascinating to scour the Internet to find images that I’ve never seen before, the real reason is this.

It helps me get free Microsoft points for Xbox LIVE.

See, I use Bing as my search engine. Bing Rewards gives you points every time you do a search. Up to five points for every ten searches per day. They also give you three points to try out something new each day. That’s seven points a day! For every 125 points, you can exchange it for 100 Microsoft points on Xbox LIVE to spend on downloadable games, ZUNE music & movies and more. You can also spend Bing Rewards points on many other things from web services to gift cards.

Not only am I experimenting with a new social media platform, which every innovative marketer should do, I’m also finding some great images to use and getting something tangible in return. I would like to applaud Microsoft for offering such a great deal to people who use their search engine and I urge you to give Bing and Pinterest a try. Check out my Pinterest profile and feel free to follow any of my boards that you find interesting. If you’re on Pinterest already, I’d love to hear what keeps you going back each day.