Helping Eve’s Daughters Live Better Lives

Logo for Eve's Daughters

We live in a harsh world. Almost every day that I walk to a market nearby my apartment, I see someone asking for change. For many years, I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck and it hasn’t been easy to get where I’m at today. As we roll into the thick of the holiday season, there’s no better time to help someone less fortunate than you.

My boss and mentor, Matt Singley, said that Singley + Mackie would be making a sizeable donation to Eve’s Daughters during our team meeting yesterday. Eve’s Daughters is a small organization that helps single mothers who are facing divorce, abandonment or widowhood. Though they’re located in Portland, Oregon, I’ve never heard of this organization and as an only child of a single mother, this hit home with me.

I was primarily raised by my mother throughout my whole life. We lived a hard life since she was pretty much addicted to drugs, both illegal and prescription. There was a lot of moving from house to apartment to extended family’s homes during my childhood because we’d never have enough money for rent. My mom even got caught in a fire in our house and suffered third-degree burns on her hands and legs. She had to stay in the burn unit of Portland Emanuel hospital for months while I stayed with my dad. To this day, I still don’t know how it happened, but I believe it was because they were cooking drugs in our house. I was entering the fifth grade. All of that took its toll on my mom and she ended up passing away during my first year in college.

So, to say that I feel a great sense of self-worth that the company I work for is helping this small organization is probably somewhat of an understatement. It has amazed my extended family that I’ve had the success in my life that I’ve achieved so far, but without the help from friends and family in my life, it wouldn’t have been possible. I encourage you to check out the website for Eve’s Daughters and like their Facebook page. If you have a little extra cash on hand, perhaps think about donating to them. I’m proud of the company I work for and the awesome things that my team does for others.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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