Visit to Yamhill Valley Vineyard

Yamhill Valley Vineyard Nature

Spectacular Scenery at Yamhill Valley Vineyard

Some friends and I celebrated Lorien’s birthday by taking a small road trip to Yamhill Valley Vineyards to taste some wine at their tasting room. Now, let me make it clear that I’m not the biggest fan of wine, as most of my friends know me as a craft beer fan. Wine usually gives me a headache within the first glass. This wine was very good, didn’t give me a headache and I was told that the pours were more generous than you usually get at wineries. The view was beautiful with large trees just feeling the touches of autumn, a pond full of koi fish of various sizes, and rows of vines still full of grapes. If you take a picnic bundle with you, the wine becomes even more delightful. We paired our reds with chocolate brownies and our whites with bread and spinach dip.

What’s your favorite snacks to take to a winery?

Wine barrels

Inside the Winery are Columns of Wine Barrels

Koi Fish

There Were Easily 30+ Fish in the Pond in Front of Yamhill Valley Vineyard Winery

Yamhill Valley Vineyard

Tanks of Fermenting Wine Outside the Tasting Room at Yamhill Valley Vineyard

Lorien with a Delorean

Birthday Girl, Lorien, posing with an employee's Delorean

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