Birthday Fun at OMSI: After Dark’s Game On 2.0

Game On 2.0

Game On 2.0 — The Entrance to Nerdiness

On August 31, the day before my birthday, some friends and I decided to celebrate my birthday a little early by going to Game On 2.0 at OMSI: After Dark in Portland, Oregon. After Dark means nobody under 21, which is a perfect time to see a video game exhibit. To me, there’s nothing better than a craft beer and some video games. There were some crazy systems there that I’ve never seen before, such as ones that ran on laser disc and chip cards. Interesting stuff!

There was a whole other area where people could try out beer, wine, and whiskey — which we had to take advantage of, of course! Needless to say, it was a great way to ring in my thirties with great old friends, meeting new friends for the first time in-person and some nerdy memories to keep forever.

Playable Games at Game On 2.0

A Whole Row of Playable Old Favorites at Game On 2.0

Early Pinball Games at Game On 2.0

Pinball Games Are Also a Part of Video Game History at Game On 2.0

Import Video Game Console From Game On 2.0

Interesting Import Console at Game On 2.0

Space Invaders Wall Art at Game On 2.0

Who Can Deny the Awesomeness of Space Invaders at Game On 2.0?

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