3 Helpful Uses of the Twitter Favorites Feature

Back in May 2011, Twitter moved the Favorites feature from where it usually sat on the side bar. When I first noticed it missing, I was afraid they were getting rid of it. The reason why is the same reason why I’m writing this post. This is how I use the Favorites tab on my Twitter profile to benefit my followers and the people I follow.

It’s a mobile bookmarker.

Twitter Favorites Page

Twitter Favorites Used to Bookmark

Think of it as a Twitter version of Delicious. Many times throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening I can be found checking Twitter via my mobile device. Unfortunately, my iPhone 3G isn’t all it’s cracked up to be these days, so clicking through a link and reading the content within can take a LONG time. This is where the favorites tab comes into play. It becomes an extra bookmark or RSS feed. Plus, if I find the content remarkable but haven’t gotten to read it until a few days later, a retweet can breathe renewed life into an old tweet.

It’s a rant recorder.

Using Twitter to Capture Quotes

Twitter Favorites Used to Capture Quotes

There have been moments on Twitter where some significant news happens that causes a storm of opinions to hail down on the twittersphere. For a PR person, these rants are open looks into the opinions of journalists. If you’re a writer, it’s a recorded document of what someone has said.

It’s a great helper with commenting on the blogs of others.

Relating with bloggers can be done better with the Twitter Favorites feature.

Twitter Favorites Used To Contact Bloggers Later

Typically, I will only see one tweet about an updated post on someone’s blog. Unfortunately, I see most of these posts on my mobile device and reading then commenting on a mobile device is still quite the task compared to an actual computer. When I sit down to read the post at the appropriate time, I can offer quality feedback on what they’ve written. It takes time to write a blog post, so I try to offer the same courtesy by commenting on the post – not on their social media platform.

Do you have any other uses for the favorites tab? Feel free to leave your comments below, follow me on Twitter and check out my Favorites.

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