Risen review | Xbox 360


Photo courtesy of rpg-galaxy.de

“Risen” is a game that leaves a bittersweet mark on my video gaming taste buds. The graphics are primitive and the framerate is super choppy, yet the difficulty of the gameplay and the option to wander the whole countryside, regardless of the strength of the character, is something I don’t see much in games nowadays.

I began the game without a manual, so learning how to do simple things like wielding a weapon and choosing where to venture were things I had to pick up on the fly. A few hours later, I’m deep into the game; manipulating every villager I could in order to put clothes on my back. I think this is where the game hooked me and continued to entertain me, even with its many misgivings.

And the misgivings are plenty. I’m sure the styles of fighting vary based on the story direction you choose to go in order to specialize in a warrior, thief, or mage class. I chose the role of a thief / hunter and invested a ton of points into swordfighting. Regardless, there were many occasions where I would wander the countryside searching for something I couldn’t find before being killed by something way too powerful for my character to battle. The island map had no option to zoom in or out, thus becoming a challenge to even locate the arrow that represents your character. There were multiple occasions were the walls to an area wouldn’t load or collision detection would fail and my character would fall into a void, thus making me reload an auto save or restarting the game completely.

However, I did finish the game and liked what good the game had to offer. This game is a budget bin game or a Gamefly rental for someone looking for a western RPG, but beware that it’s not a walk in the park like some games are. If you’re in the mood for a little something different in an RPG and can forgive its faults, check it out!

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