Winter term can be a killer

Winter term at the University of Oregon started with two Mondays off in a row. Of course, this means that we get a whole lot of catch-up to do for the few weeks after. Many of the classes include group projects and when you match that with Public Relations Student Society of America activities, it makes for a busy term. I like to be busy though, so I don’t have any major complaints.

Now that the term is starting to even itself out, I finally have time to come to Freshfully Rad and post a little something for anyone who bothers to read this. Twitter has been an ever-beneficial tool in reaching out to people in the public relations industry. I had a great informational interview with Brandon Vaughan (@brandonvaughan), whom works at Edelman in Seattle, after having some back and forth conversations on Twitter. Informational interviews have definitely given me insight for classroom material that I probably never would’ve gotten otherwise and I definitely recommend them, even if you aren’t close to graduation.

One of my questions was answered about PR practitioners and video game journalists in episode #199 of the Xbox 360 Fancast. It’s located around the 1-hour mark for anyone interested. Find it here.

PRSSA has been providing some great speakers each week that have given me insight on what to provide in a portfolio, resume, and how to obtain a mentor. One thing I love about PR is how happy everyone is to keep learning more and more. Twitter is definitely a great way to keep up-to-date on the daily happenings in the PR industry.

In the next couple weeks, I plan on having much more material to throw on Freshfully Rad after some nice R & R in Yachats and a trip with the PRSSA crew in Seattle for a tour of some agencies.

So, to end this blog entry, I would like to thank the following for helping me cope with this term:

  • My girlfriend, Yaicha, for understanding my busy schedule
  • Ninkasi and Lagunitas, for calming my frazzled nerves on brutal days
  • My group members, who are just as busy as I
  • My friends, who I may not see much because of time constraints