Extra Life: Recollection of a 24-hour game session

It’s been nine days since I’ve endured a 24-hour gaming session for Extra Life and this entry should’ve been updated sooner, but life is busy right now. With the help of friends and family, we together helped raise $241 for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Pat yourselves on the back. This is a great thing we’ve done together.

I woke at 7 a.m. on October 16 with enough time to head down to Royal market to grab some munchies and caffeine before the gaming session began. Once back in the house, I started playing around 7:40 a.m. with the game Comic Jumper. It’s a funny little game from Twisted Pixel developed for the Xbox LIVE arcade that has a great artistic style and sense of humor. A few hours in, I got an invite from my friend Evan, or as he’s know on Xbox LIVE, tactical DBk.

I jumped over to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and started a multi-player gaming session with Evan (tactical DBk), Jay (SALSA DBK), and Matt (Zilla DBK). Notice something similar here? Our clan tag on COD is DBK, which stands for “Douche Bag Killers,” and trust me; there are a lot of douche-bags to kill on these multiplayer shooters. But we do it in good sport. It’s just a game.

Shortly after that, I went over to the game Watchmen: The End is Nigh so I could sit back and play a mindless beat ‘em up game. This is pretty much all you can expect from that game. It’s not a great game, fighting get bland pretty fast, and Rorschach has some strange lines in the game.

Around this time, Yaicha came home from work and we ordered some pizza to go with the I.P.A. she brought home. I felt it appropriate to begin Limbo, which my friend Dave (dead vp) bought me for my birthday back in September. It’s a small game that had gotten top reviews on game journalism websites across the Net. I specifically waited until Yaicha was home and for nightfall to arrive before beginning this 2-D somber sidescroller. I must say — I have NEVER played a game like this. Please, if you can, pay the $15 for the game. It’s worth it. 3 – 4 hours later, I finished that game and it felt so worthwhile that it made the day of playing video games feel refreshing, though it was 1 a.m.

Yaicha ended up heading to bed and I continued on my path of game playing until 7:40 a.m. I went back over to Modern Warfare 2 to “pwn some more noobs” until my eyes were getting fuzzy. Around 3 – 3:30, my concentration was starting to wane so Evan and I went over the some multiplayer Peggle matches. Peggle is a neat little game from Pop Cap that is pretty much like pachinko with awesome backgrounds and specific powers. It was a nice way to chill after some intense multiplayer shooter matches.

Evan finally fizzled around 6 a.m. and I chilled out with a second play through of Borderlands until 7:40. Directly after that, I sleepily posted a tweet from the computer and went to bed. It was a great gaming session and I’m happy to have helped with such a great charity.

Special thanks to the following people for donating:

  • Adam Wagner
  • David Vanpelt
  • Rudy Rofinot
  • Chelsey Campbell
  • Benjamin Terrell
  • Brianna Gardner
  • Candice Voss
  • Bob Cowell
  • Katherine Wamsley
  • Ariel Rhoden

Other specific facts:

Gamerscore Achievements:

235 gamerscore

Food and drink consumed:

2 Lo-Carb Monster Energy Drinks

5 Lagunitas IPA beers

Half of an extra large pizza from Papa Johns

One small bag of sweet BBQ chips