The 4th Annual Whiteaker Block Party 2010

Whiteaker Block Party 2010, early afternoon

Words and pictures by Jesse Radonski

Eugene, Oregon is a campus town with an awesome local culture where just about everything is within walking distance and something to do, even without spending money, is just a short jaunt away. August 7th, 2010 marked the 4th Annual Whiteaker Block Party, another free event that’s based in the Whiteaker area of Eugene. If you haven’t been to this area yet, you’re missing out on a culture with honest roots.

This year the Whiteaker Block Party was advertised as being located on West 3rd street between Blair and Adams, which technically makes it more of a street party rather than a block party. Regardless, if one were to meander among the eclectic mix of people, I doubt they would’ve cared less about how this event has grown in four years.

Over 30 bands rocked various stages around the neighborhood this year and the food carts were out in full force, feeding the faces of many. Ninkasi Brewing had people quaffing beverages left and right at their outdoor beer garden available with their flagship ales Total Domination IPA, Believe Double Red Ale, and the summer seasonal Radiant Ale, (though the line to get in would’ve taken the patience of a monk as the evening progressed.) Olive Juice supplied the usual eye-candy with their fashion forward styles available for purchase at their funky-fresh locally owned store. Many of the houses also had their own events that people could just wander into including metal shows and silent art auctions. New to the Whiteaker Block Party was a screen-printing area and photo booth for attendees.

Overall, this was the first time I’ve ever attended the Whiteaker Block Party due to conflicting schedules in past years but I’d have to admit that I thought it was pretty cool. I was hesitant that I’d fully enjoy it since I see so much of this off-kilter mix of individuality near my place of employment in downtown Eugene, but I was proved wrong. This is a definite must-see and experience if you’re into people watching and a great cost-effective way to spend a day during the summer.

Images from W.B.P. 2010:

Whiteaker Block Party 2010

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