Summer means turning relaxation into work

It’s officially summertime. Finally! Oregon has had quite a long spring with a few teases here and there of that glorious sunshine we just normally don’t get enough of. Now, with school being out and the sun a shining, it finally feels like the warm weather is here to stay for a while.

With summer officially in motion, I’m also on break from school and not doing much of anything business-wise. I’ve taken more hours at the CD/Game Exchange and have been mainly just catching up on video games. While in school, I’m lucky to play anything unless I wake at 5 a.m. to rock some games while most are still asleep. This last year has been crazy hectic with school, work and radio. I’ll be posting some more blogs about my adventures in radio and thoughts on school soon.

If I described in detail of how my summer has started, it would sound like I’ve just been slacking so far. Well, I have sort of, but I’m also keeping up to date on an industry I want to enter. I’d imagine it’d be hard to get into the game industry if one doesn’t know the games being made, so I find this to be work-study in an oddball sense.

Originally I was trying to get an internship at Ninkasi Brewing in their marketing department for the summer but it turns out they really don’t have enough work for an intern at this point. Since next year is my senior year, I figured I’d just take it easy for this last summer and do my own thing. So, my objectives are as follows:

  • Start studying out of my Spanish book for a year of 200-level Spanish.
  • Begin writing blogs (at least once a week) since I’m not writing so much in school.
  • Keep fixing up the home we moved in to three months ago.
  • Edit the video footage I have to keep my video editing skills progressing positively.

On an endnote, I’d like to show off the letter that got printed in Electronic Gaming Monthly about how publicists and journalists can get along with each other better. Thanks for reading!

Electronic Gaming Monthly letter about press releases

2 responses to “Summer means turning relaxation into work

  1. check it! I registered just so I could leave a note. Hm. Now what to leave? I should start by saying that I too am needing to study my spanish 200 level, it’s all I have left (yes, all of my credits for my social science B.A., and two minors-I just need 3 more classes of Spanish, which will of course take me entire year!) I so struggle. I’ve decided I must move to Costa Rica. Really. Then I’ll remember the gosh darn language! Maybe. Anyway! I’m pretty impressed that you’re writing so much, it’s quite groovy. Do you still have a radio show? Or you’re just sort of…administration now? Lead marketer or something? Well by golly-groovy. I’m so proud. Ok, so although I was entertained by the way your friend tells stories, the video was really not that exciting. Geez Jess, you live in Eugene! For crying out loud, there is a lot of crazy stuff to film there! I once met a man who said he was a Indian samurai, and gave me sword to keep for a week-and another guy who dressed and looked like Crocodile Dundee and said he could dematerialize and travel all star trek style. And another guy who cut holes in his pants right where his balls were! And soooo many others…my point is, now that I have registered for this shenanigans of governmental tracking-haha-I do expect a much more entertaining film segment ok? I mean seriously, a town with a statute of Keasy? And a population of pranksters? hook it up! OH and way to get published! You so rad. yup. Freshly. Rad.

    • I was trying to avoid having only Spanish left which is what happened at LCC when trying to get my AAOT transfer degree. I know that you’ve wanted to move to Costa Rica for a while now. I’m sure you’ll get to at some point (maybe when your kids are all grown up, they’ll get you and Ian a trip.)

      I don’t have a radio show right now. I’m kinda done at the station at this point. Most of the videos I have on here are posted straight from school work with a particular requirement in mind. I have others that I’m going to be piecing together soon enough that should be more exciting. I work downtown in Eugene, so I know what is exciting and unique (though I can’t say I care for it half the time.)

      Thanks for the congrats on getting published! I hope to see you all while camping this summer. You better come since this could be the last year.

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