A dream with Ronnie James Dio and I

Ronnie James Dio

A few months back I had a strange dream. I’m unsure if it was because I had listened to an album of his at work, but Ronnie James Dio and I walked on I-5 near Goshen, OR.

Approximate Location (Google Maps)

The odd thing is how there were no cars traveling on the interstate even at the pale morning hours. He was walking ahead of me and though I was asking him questions, he tried to avoid them. I followed him across I-5, entered Goshen and by this time he was warming up to my questions eventually leading to a conversation.

We trekked down a road while having a pleasant conversation before arriving to a house where a party was raging inside. He asked me if I wanted pills for some odd reason but I woke before I took them. I’m not into analyzing dreams but I like to think that although I never got to meet him in person, I met him at some point.

R.I.P. Dio.