Personal: My Newly Aquired Video Editing Skills

Lately, I’ve been getting ready for fall term by experimenting with my Flip HD and using iMovie to take all the short clips and turn them into semi-neatly edited clips.  The more I loaded 30-second clips to Youtube, the more I realized that this is very inefficient for the viewer.  It’s not just about taking video and uploading it to a video server; rather, it’s about taking the pieces of video that actually work and editing it down for the viewer while informing them of the situation if it doesn’t display it within the video.

After creating the video, I’ve learned how to edit, (if not poorly), add subtitles to scenes in which viewers may not have all the information, and even a little audio modification.  Yes, this video isn’t spectacular by any means, but it shows how easy it is to use a Mac program and how much better quality a video can be if edited properly.  My next task is to turn all of Tyler and Betsy’s wedding video footage into a proper video diary of at least some of their wedding day.  Then, perhaps, taking a bunch of the camping footage and doing the same thing so that I can delete all the random small videos on my Youtube channel and keep it clean and easy to view.

Another thing to note is how I really believe Youtube, (and perhaps other video websites), will eventually switch to a pay per video format.  I think this will happen because it’ll reduce the amount of storage of inadequate video while increasing quality and actually generate revenue.  This is a good thing and if I have to pay a quarter per video I upload, there’s a good chance I’d do it considering the storage capacity of video footage I can upload on Youtube.

I hope this entry has been informative in some way.  If you film and edit video, please, feel free to suggest anything else I can add to a simple video to make it better.  The only thing I couldn’t figure out was how to add a transition between shots.  Thanks for reading!